OASIS-C Training: Ace M1320 with These Tips

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Medical coding

CMS provides enough guidance on answering M1320 (Status of most problematic pressure ulcer). However, you’ll still required to use your clinical decision to choose the right answer. Go through these OASIS-C training tips and know more.

1. It’s your call to select the criterion for “most problematic.” It could be the largest pressure ulcer, the one at the most advanced stage, the most complex to access for treatment, or one in the area most difficult to relieve pressure. In case there is merely one pressure ulcer, that one is the most problematic.

2. Remember that Stage II pressure ulcers which are reported at M1320 are at all times 3 — Non-healing. That’s for the reason that stage II pressure ulcers don’t granulate and newly epithelialized stage II pressure ulcers are considered healed and no longer considered to be a pressure ulcer.

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3. The most problematic pressure ulcer might be of a lower stage. For instance, assume your patient has a pressure ulcer of the heel that was stage I although has advanced to stage II and is getting worse. Plus, he also has a stage III pressure ulcer of the sacrum which is now healing well. You might mark the stage II pressure ulcer as the most problematic, and that’s fine.

4.  An intact serum-filled blister resulting from pressure must be reported as a stage II pressure ulcer. While reporting such an ulcer in M1320, our expert suggested in an OASIS-C training conference, you would select 3 — Non-healing as the fluid-filled blister stops it from healing.

5. Deep tissue injuries reported in M1320, whether suspected or confirmed are marked as 3 — Nonhealing. Keep in mind that deep tissue injuries do not granulate and thus would not be covered with new epithelial tissue. Instead, a suspected deep tissue injury can take one of two paths to heal.

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